February 20, 2018

The Package

Geography Now! is a new, vibrant and dynamic textbook for the Junior Cycle Geography specification.

Written by a highly experienced bestselling author team, Geography Now! aims to stimulate students’ curiosity and create opportunities for them to analyse, synthesise and communicate their thoughts about their immediate environment and the wider world.

Student Textbook

Geography Now! reflects concepts and ideas in the Junior Cycle Geography specification that will help students to understand the environment and how to contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of their communities.

  • Comprehensively covers all Learning Outcomes and Key Skills
  • Each chapter begins with learning intentions and key terms
  • Accessible, student-friendly language, specific to Geography, encourages students’ geo-literacy skills
  • Clear and concise definitions of key terms
  • Activities throughout all chapters aid and reinforce learning
  • Individual and group work activities promote active learning
  • Provides opportunities for discussion and encourages students to form opinions
  • Attractive design and layout with vibrant illustrations, photos, maps, satellite images, bar charts, graphs and pie charts
  • Includes relevant and up-to-date case studies that students can apply to their local area
  • Comprehensive study of the skills required to interpret OSi maps, aerial photos and satellite images
  • A strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills
  • Provides activities that promote research-based enquiry
  • Opportunities for students to present their research in a variety of ways
  • Mix of activities through each chapter to aid students’ revision
  • End-of-chapter reflection on students’ learning using key words
  • Linkages between topics and other subjects are highlighted where relevant


Student Activity Book

  • Provides additional material, questions and activities to complement the textbook
  • Enables students to check their understanding through additional activities
  • Provides a personal record of learning
  • Enables students to monitor their progress with self-assessment checklists
  • Provides peer-assessment guides and tasks for each strand


Student Graphic Organiser Book

  • Helps students to use graphic organiser diagrams as a learning tool
  • Introduction to each type of diagram explains usefulness
  • Eight sections with one sample diagram and eight blank diagrams (e.g. mind maps, fishbone diagrams)


Teacher’s Resource Book and Posters

The Geography Now! Teacher’s Resource Book will assist in engaging with the new course, focusing on geo-literacy, interconnections and sustainability. It includes:

  • An introduction to key educational changes in the new Junior Cycle for Geography, including Statements of Learning and Key Skills, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy
  • Suggested solutions to activity book and textbook questions
  • Peer-assessment photocopiables – one for each strand
  • Additional student activity suggestions for every chapter
  • Guidelines on a non-linear approach to the textbook
  • Outline of relevant digital resources for each section


  • A selection of full-colour classroom posters will be available to teachers who adopt Geography Now!


Digital Resources

Geography Now! digital resources support the Junior Cycle Specification’s emphasis on the use of modern technology in the classroom and are designed to cater for different learning styles. Each chapter of the book is supported by digital resources that are integrated for easy reference and lesson planning.

Teachers can access the Geography Now! interactive e-books at www.edcolearning.ie/code, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Free student website with interactive activities and quizzes to encourage student participation and to aid revision
  • Editable PowerPoint summaries
  • Animations to bring key diagrams from the textbook to life
  • Stimulating videos covering a variety of different topics
  • Editable lesson plans to aid teacher planning

FREE e-book

  • Students and teachers can download their free Geography Now! e-book by visiting www.edcolearning.ie/code and entering the code from inside the front cover of the textbook.